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An investment that delivers exceptional returns.

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Welcome to the Gold Business Directory


Where Creativity Finds Commerce


Are you tired of bland, cookie-cutter business directories that fail to capture the essence of your brand? Look no further. Welcome to Gold Business Directory, where we redefine online listings as an art form.

Why Join The Gold Business Directory?

At Gold Business Directory, we don't just list businesses – we craft experiences. Each listing is meticulously designed to showcase the unique essence of every brand. Whether you're a boutique bakery, an eco-conscious fashion label, or a cutting-edge tech startup, we celebrate diversity and innovation.


What Sets Us Apart?

Our platform goes beyond static pages. With Gold Business Directory, your listing comes alive with interactive elements such as videos, virtual tours, and customer reviews. Engage your audience like never before and stand out in a sea of competitors.

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Dynamic Showcase: Your listing isn't just a page – it's a dynamic showcase that brings your brand to life.

  • Increased Visibility: Reach a broader audience and attract more customers with our visually stunning listings.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive elements ensure that potential customers stay engaged and informed about your offerings.


Benefits for Users:

  • Easy Navigation: Finding the perfect match for your needs has never been easier with our user-friendly interface.

  • Comprehensive Information: Get all the information you need, from business details to customer reviews, in one convenient location.

  • Inspiration and Discovery: Explore a diverse range of businesses and discover new favorites with our curated listings.


Line Item Listing

1 Year   ______ $39  Buy Now!

2 Years ______ $69

3 Years ______ $99


Business Card Listing

1 Year   ______ $99

2 Years ______ $169

3 Years ______ $199

* Optional Design Fee ___ $39

* Animated BC               ___ $69

Banner Listing

1 Year   ______ $199

2 Years ______ $269

3 Years ______ $299

* Optional Design Fee ___ $99

* Animated BC               ___ $139

Short Video Ad Listing (1 min)

1 Year   ______ $299

2 Years ______ $369

3 Years ______ $399

* Ad Production Fee ___ $299 (Optional)

Website Listing

1 Year   ______ $399

2 Years ______ $469

3 Years ______ $499

* Need A Website? Click Here

Full Page Listing w/ Personal Domain

1 Year   ______ $599

2 Years ______ $639

3 Years ______ $699

+ Page Design Included

Full Page w/ Personal Domain + Short Video Listing

1 Year   ______ $699

2 Years ______ $739

3 Years ______ $799

+ Page Design Included

* Ad Production Fee ___ $299 (Optional)

Full Page w/ Personal Domain + Interview Video 

1 Year   ______ $799

2 Years ______ $839

3 Years ______ $899

+ Page Design Included

> See Interview Pricing Click Here

All-Inclusive Golden Platter  

1 Year   ______ $1,699

2 Years ______ $1,899

3 Years ______ $1,999

+ Includes:        Line Item Listing

Business Card Listing

Banner Listing

Short Video Ad Listing (1 min)

Website Listing

Full Page w/Personal Domain

Interview Video




Gold Business Directory



Every year

Elevate your experience, shop excellence in The Gold Business Directory today! List your business!

Valid until canceled

Cross-Promotional Advantage

Optimized Representation

Increased Visibility

Strategic Cross-Promotions

Directory Excellence

Maximize Your Business Exposure with The Gold Business Directory.  Unleash the Power of Cross-Promotions!


Dear Valued Businesses,

When you join the online Gold Business Center Directory you can opt to have us submit your business information to the national business directory at no additional cost. 


Our directory is designed to showcase outstanding businesses like yours and drive attention through strategic cross-promotions, ensuring that your establishment stands out.

Why Join The Gold Business Directory?

1. **Cross-Promotional Advantage:** Benefit from our continuous efforts to drive attention to the directory, ensuring your business receives the visibility it deserves.

2. **Optimized Representation:** We take pride in presenting your business in the best light possible within the directory, enhancing your brand image and attracting potential customers.


Seize the Opportunity!

For only $99 a year, you can unlock a myriad of benefits:

1. **Increased Visibility:** Gain exposure to a broader audience through our ongoing promotional activities.

2. **Strategic Cross-Promotions:** Leverage our initiatives to cross-promote your business, reaching audiences beyond your usual scope.

3. **Directory Excellence:** Showcase your business in a premium directory that values and highlights excellence.

Secure Your Spot!

Click on "Complete the listing form" and follow the simple steps to get approved. 

We help you set up your National Business Listing


Ensure your inclusion in directories by following the necessary procedures. Today, there is a plethora of directory assistance providers, spanning from cable TV companies to cell phone wireless and internet "VOIP" phone companies. Accessing directory assistance hinges on being a customer of a specific service provider. For instance, if you dial "411" seeking information on a business or individual not affiliated with your service provider, they may lack the necessary details.

This is where steps in. By purchasing a listing in the Gold Business Center Directory, you can choose to have us also post your business on sites that act as intermediaries between customers across various phone service providers and the vast array of local, regional, and national directory assistance bureaus. We facilitate the dissemination of your contact information. Alternatively, entrust us with the task, and we will manage it on your behalf.

A few things to consider before you purchase your Gold Business Directory Ad Listing

  • Listing Duration: Your ad is valid for one year, starting from the date of purchase.

  • Upload your artwork files: If you have an art-ready design, upload it using the link button attached to this email.

  • We can design your ad for you:  Once you purchase your Gold Business listing you will be prompted to upload design files. If you don't have a design, our design team is ready to create one for just $49.

  • Approval process: Once we receive and approve your artwork, our team will conduct a business compliance check to ensure legitimacy.

  • Engage your audience: Craft an engaging ad! Consider call-and-response, special offers, or discounts for Gold Business Directory referrals.

  • Web presence: If you have a website or social media, we can link it to your ad for added visibility.

  • Complaint Policy: Be mindful of our complaint policy. Three consecutive complaints may lead to an investigation and potential ad suspension.

  • Excellence is Key: We expect exceptional service and quality from our partners. Any deviation may result in ad removal without notice or refund.

  • Custom Ad Packages: Explore our custom ad packages, including video, audio, and automated ads. Contact us for details.

  • Auto-Renewal: Your ad will auto-renew each year at $99 unless canceled in advance.  You can cancel anytime. 

  • Listing Updates: Need changes? We offer updates at $49 each, limited to four per year unless approved by a Gold Business Advisor.


We look forward to showcasing your business in the best possible way! If you have an art-ready design, upload it using the link buttons provided after signing up.  We accept the following file types for ad placement and creation: jpegs, png accept documents, short videos, and automation.


Approval Process: Our team will conduct a business compliance check to ensure legitimacy once we receive and approve your artwork. Once you have submitted your design files, please allow up to 3 to 5 business days for final approval. During a business compliance check, you may receive a call or email from one of our representatives or Gold Business Center Advisors to verify your purchase and company information.


No Refunds; nevertheless, we can provide credit for future purchases. If your Gold Business Listing approval is unsuccessful, we'll guide you on qualifying for inclusion in the Gold Business Directory. Please be aware that we retain the right to refuse service, deny ads, or cancel a subscription at any time, with or without notice.

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