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FUNDING was created to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get the funding they need to launch their ideas.

Our mission is to make the process of finding and securing business financing more effortless and more accessible. We provide information and resources on the many available funding options, from business loans to grants.

Our website also includes helpful guides and tips to help you make the most of your business funding journey. Whether you’re just starting or looking to grow your business, has the resources you need to make it happen.

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The Business Credit Bootcamp is an exclusive 30-day challenge designed to help entrepreneurs build their business credit and increase their access to capital.

Participants will receive expert guidance and resources to help them quickly establish, build, and manage their business credit.

At the end of the challenge, prizes and giveaways will be awarded to the top performers.

Join now and get 30 days to accelerate your business credit-building journey.  Our next funding challenge launches July 1, 2023.



Commonly Asked Questions


What is the Gold Business Credit Bootcamp & 30-Day Business Funding Challenge?

The Gold Business Credit Bootcamp & 30-Day Business Funding Challenge are two combined programs designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners access the capital they need to grow their businesses.

Through this program, participants can gain access to resources, tools, and support to build their business credit profile and increase their chances of securing funding without the worry of being turned down.

How can I join the Gold Business Credit Bootcamp & 30-Day Business Funding Challenge?

Joining the Business Credit 30-Day Funding Challenge is easy!

Simply sign up for our Gold Membership Program and you will instantly save $69 on the Business Credit Boot Camp Admission Price.
Join Gold Membership Program Now!

Or, click the above join now link to 
Join 30 Day Business Funding Challenge as a non-member.

What benefits do I get with the Gold Membership Program?

With the Gold Membership Program, you get access to exclusive resources, tools, and support to help you build and maintain a strong business credit profile and much more.

You will also receive discounts on our Business Credit Boot Camp Admission Price and other services offered by
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Need a faster way to finance your business?
Sign up for the Business Credit Finance Suite.

Old Way To Get Money:
  • Apply & hope
  • Constant denials
  • Hurting your personal credit scores
  • Nasty terms
The New Way Using The Finance Suite
  • Know your Fundability...from  the start
  • Build up & leverage your Business Credit
  • Apply at the right time and right order
  • Step by step plug and play software
  • Coaching from real people

Have you been turned down for a business loan or not sure if you qualify?  

Check your company's Funding Dynamics for FREE and take the guesswork out.

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Fuel your business growth. 

It's FREE! Find out if your business meets the funding dynamics that most lenders require for approval.  If getting your business funded is holding you back from you reaching your goals, take the quiz to find out before applying for lending.  It's time to know where your business stands. 
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